Papel pintado Masculino tema fútbol para decoración del cuarto juvenilPapel pintado Deportes para decorar cuartos de chicos de futbol

Wallpaper Football

€74,00 EUR
Papel pintado Caballos y Polo para decoración juvenilPapel pintado Deportes Polo para decoración de cuartos de chicos

Wallpaper Polo

€74,00 EUR
Papel pintado para cuartos de chicos tema GolfPapel pintado tema Deportes Golf para la decoración de un destacho

Wallpaper Golf

€74,00 EUR
Wallpaper TennisWallpaper Tennis

Wallpaper Tennis

€74,00 EUR
Wallpaper SportsWallpaper Sports

Wallpaper Sports

€74,00 EUR
Papel pintado Esquiadores para decoración del cuarto juvenilPapel pintado Esqui y nieve para decoración de casas de montañas

Wallpaper Skiing

€74,00 EUR
Wallpaper SurfWallpaper Surf

Wallpaper Surf

€74,00 EUR


Decorating a youth room is not easy, and we know that. That's why we have created an entire collection designed for them with what they like most: the world of sports. Football, golf, tennis, baseball, polo, surfing and skiing. Take a look at our collection of sports-themed wallpapers for kids.

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Wallpaper for young children

The world of sports represented in wallpapers to decorate the youth room. Neutral and elegant tones with fun and original sporty elements, perfect for older children's rooms.