Squirrel Genoveva framed print

€39,00 EUR

The great protagonist of this scene is a very funny squirrel named Genoveva. Friendly and communicative, Genoveva is a great friend of ALF&mabi and we love her with all our hearts.

In the photos we have combined the Squirrel painting Genoveva with our Bows and Flowers wallpaper. We love the wild flower field effect that is achieved on the wall with this beautiful mix!

The framed print is sent wrapped in tissue paper in a personalized box: a good option for children's birth or birthday gifts.

Product details:
Frame width: 33 cm
Length: 43 cm
Height: 4 cm
Art print size: 30cm x 40cm

 It is made of fiberboard and front protection of polystyrene plastic                                                    ✓ Inner sheet of high-end textured paper 250gr with FSC certificate.                

Fast shipping:
✓ 1-2 working days 

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